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Pixformance was built by sports and technology professionals who are passionate about the benefits of functional training.

About Valerie

Meet our founder, Valerie Bönström

With a background in computer science and business, Valerie co-founded Mrs.Sporty, a chain of European fitness clubs dedicated to empowering women to achieve their fitness, strength and mobility goals in a supportive environment. Since its foundation in 2005, Mrs.Sporty has won awards for its concept, communication, and was named Germany’s Best Franchise 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017, and Austria’s Best Franchise 2017.

Valerie wanted to add something to her gyms that would make the experience more motivating, and allow trainers to focus on the personal support that made members so loyal to Mrs.Sporty gyms. Pixformance is not just the outcome of prototyping and design, but the product of the team’s decades of combined experience and passion for fitness and technology, powered by Valerie’s vision.

Meet some of our happy customers

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