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The Pixformance Station delivers total fitness and rehabilitation in one easy-to-own machine

Total strength and mobility station

The Pixformance Station is a freestanding physical station (150cm x 85cm) with a hands-free interface. It includes 100+ exercises, along with information about muscles used and the benefits of each movement. An in-unit camera captures 26 body points and allows the user to train along with a virtual instructor.

Realtime and long-term improvement

On-screen interaction helps users self-correct and learn quickly. Whether used alone or to augment live training or therapy, the easy-to-follow motion analysis means faster improvement, and better strength and mobility with functional training and beyond.

Mrs. Sporty

Find out how Mrs.Sporty transformed its entire business with Pixformance.

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Personalized and versatile for all levels

Individual profiles and a user-friendly dashboard let you create custom sessions for individuals and groups, or choose programs from industry experts. Get precise movement analysis, along with data-driven insights and suggestions for improvement, both during sessions and over time.

Backed by science and technology experts

The Pixformance Station is designed with fitness and health specialists, all dedicated to making functional training enjoyable for all levels and abilities. Our 3D-sensing technology is continuously improved by Pixformance developers working with sports and medical professionals to enhance movement precision.

Reha Rondell

Learn how Reha Rondell uses Pixformance to expand strength for all.

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Easy to own and low-maintenance

The Pixformance Station is a simple, low-maintenance system that adds high value without adding extra demands. It has a hands-free interface with auto-start and shutdown, which lowers the risk of damage. Our developers provide automatic software updates for increased precision, better security and optimal functionality.

Find out how to take functional training to the next level.

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Find out how to transform your facility with Pixformance