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Reha Rondell:
Expanding strength

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Stronger client relationships

Data-rich individual profiles enable therapists to create detailed personal programs and easily measure client progress with exercises, including adding, removing or adjusting routines where needed. Simple interface and administration frees up time and energy to focus on the human-to-human support and high-quality client relationships that make recovery more enjoyable, and drive referrals.


Better recovery outcomes

On-screen movement instruction with adjustable precision helps focus on therapist-client conversations on the experience of the training, rather than the mechanics of each movement. Clients get increased ability and confidence and are more likely to practice between rehab sessions. They feel motivated to increase precision settings for more challenging improvement without risking injury.


Commitment beyond rehab

The Pixformance concept makes the scientifically-backed benefits of functional training accessible to all, making everyday movement easier and improving overall wellbeing. Because the InMo is an all-in-one system, the 200+ exercises can be combined into a range of programs to help rehab clients smooth their transition into a fitness or sports context while staying committed to safe, effective functional training.

Easy to own and low maintenance

The Pixformance Station is a simple, low-maintenance system that adds high value without adding extra demands. It has a hands-free interface, auto-start and shutdown, which lower the risk of damage. Our developers provide automatic software updates for increased precision, better security and optimal functionality.

Find out how to take functional training to the next level

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