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Transforming the
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Stronger member engagement

The Pixformance Station acts as a precision co-trainer and helps exercisers self-correct, allowing in-person professionals to focus on helping clients build strength and confidence. Each exerciser gets a personal profile with insights and measurable progress, enabling trainers to guide anyone from nervous beginners to expert athletes toward their goals, as part of a personalized gym experience.


High value, low maintenance

The all-in-one unit adds the value of 100+ functional training exercises and an endless variety of programs in less space than a power rack (8m2). A motion-activated, hands-free interface prevents over-handling, keeping maintenance easy, and the auto-shutdown makes it perfect for gyms with long unstaffed hours. Regular automatic software updates ensure optimal functionality and secure usage.


Effective new training vertical

Functional training is growing in popularity, but it’s difficult to do correctly without active guidance. The Pixformance concept delivers access to deep expertise in functional training without adding staff demand. The Pixformance Station’s endless variety of workouts makes the gym more attractive for people who are transitioning from rehabilitation to sports or fitness and want to exercise safely.

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