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Our New Corporate Identity & a Brand New Blog

In the past weeks and months, Pixformance’s marketing team had an exciting challenge to master: redesigning our new corporate identity.  As we were creating the new concept of our website, we came up with the idea to start a new chapter in the history of Pixformance, we’ve decided to create our first blog. So shout out to all athletes, therapists & fitness professionals, be on the lookout for our upcoming posts on PixTips!

What it’s all about

The idea behind this blog is to create a space that allows us to offer a glimpse behind the curtain of the work at Pixformance and in doing so, to invite our business partners to better get to know our team. One of our main goals for this blog is to use PixTips as a platform to facilitate an exchange of ideas that matter to your business.

This blog is therefore dedicated to different business models, methods and trends in the fitness and health industries as well as the medical field, which will be illuminated and reviewed by our team of experts. We will, for example, post about the impact digitalization has on the medical field and the health and fitness industries, write about the benefits of functional training and shed some light into new trends that develop in each of these industries. You will also find occasional posts about more general topics such as nutrition, new training methods and functional exercises.

Creating a community

With PixTips we want to share some of our own insights with you but are also interested in your ideas. We are excited to hear your questions, comments and feedback. Feel free to use the comment section of the blog, or just contact our editorial team at We are already curious about your questions and suggestions and are looking forward to a productive exchange about new trends and developments relevant to your and our business. From all of us at Pixformance: welcome!

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