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Five Digital New Year’s Resolutions for Fitness and Health Club Owners

The new year has almost arrived and everyone is keen to follow through with their new year’s resolutions. Some even say that business owners and entrepreneurs should do the same and think about their good intentions for 2018. But do you already have a list of resolutions for your fitness or health club? If you don’t, there’s no need to worry! We’ve got you covered. For this post we came up with five digital new year’s resolutions for fitness and health club owners that will not only be easy to realize. They will actually boost your business and make 2018 the year in which you finally increase online engagement with super-effective online marketing and ultimately utilize your full social media potential.

Resolution #1: Finally Start Using Social Media to Boost Your Business

This is the first and probably most obvious of our resolutions, but also the most important one. If you’re not already on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other of the numerous social media platforms, you need to change this!

Using social media will not only improve the online visibility of your club. It will also change the way you communicate with your existing and future clients.

However, before you decide on which platforms you want to use, think about who your target group. On which of the numerous platforms will you find them? So here’s a list of the different platforms and who spends their time there:

Facebook & Instagram

Both platforms are about consumers, which makes them the ideal platform to connect with future clients, members and customers. They are also a great tool to maintain a connection with already existing members and to start a conversation with them. That way you also collect information that can be helpful if you consider optimizing your club according to your customers needs.

That’s why fitness and health clubs, as B2C businesses, need to be on Instagram and Facebook to reach their target audience through regular (aka organic) posts or through more directed advertising campaigns.


If you’re a fitness entrepreneur, you need to be on this platform. Not only to network with industry experts. Especially if you’re a B2B health or fitness facility, you also need to post and advertise on LinkedIn, as this is where you will find potential investors, or companies looking to improve their corporate health programs.

It’s the best platform to boost your profile and perceived authority and set yourself off from your competition. It’s also great to find new employees.


This is where you can voice your opinion – so rants about the dangers of sedentary culture or diet soda go here. This is also where you mostly engage with professionals in your field and find sometimes random, yet, valuable information about your business branch.


Resolution #2: Create A Social Media Editorial Plan

After you’ve sorted out which of the social media platforms you want to use, create an editorial plan. This is especially helpful since you want to be posting consistently. It should list the content you plan to release each week, as well as the deadlines for all. An editorial calendar allows you to plan campaigns in advance and not to hastily put together content in a rush. It also saves you from duplicating content and allows you to plan seasonal and timely content.

Some of the helpful categories to include in your editorial plan are: content, type of content, authors and producers, editorial tasks, marketing tasks, deadlines, reminders, date of publication, publication channel, reporting of results.

Your editorial plan is a “living document” which should be reviewed and adapted on a regular basis.


Resolution #3: Keep the Online Conversation Going

Don’t just click the like-button or copy-paste a generic response to comments on social media. You can do better. Engage your audience and keep the conversation going. If someone posts “I love your new functional training equipment”, you can think about what response will keep them more engaged: “that’s great, we’re so happy you enjoy our workouts” or “We are excited you like our new equipment, what function did you enjoy most? We’d love to hear more!”.  

But why should you put in the labor? There are three reasons: First, your customers feel important and valued. Second, you learn about problems early and are in a position to fix them before they drive customers away. Last, but not least, you can focus on investing in areas that matter most to your customers because you collect information constantly.


Resolution #4: Create An Online Presence Refresh Calendar

Your website and your social media presences are not set in stone. When your business grows, changes happen and it’s important to keep them updated, so don’t just set it and forget it. Creating a review-and-refresh schedule will remind you to revisit your site and other channels on a regular basis. It is essential to check if your information is complete, your key facts are correct and if your texts are still persuasive in order to maintain a successful online presence.


Did you fill in all the fields on your social media profiles? If your profile is incomplete, your facility will not properly show up in search results on Facebook or Google Business. This can cost you customers as they often-times rely on search engines to find fitness and health clubs.


Check if contact details, opening hours, your address, your programs and services are correct. For example, do you advertise your new functional training circuit training?

Also check your photos. Maybe you need to update and remove pictures of former staff and replace old logos.

Powerful Copywriting

The ads you place, your homepage and also the descriptions in your social media profiles, this is how your clients first encounter you. That’s why you want to leave a stellar impression, which depends on powerful copywriting. So it’s a good idea to revisit your online texts and make adjustments regularly.


Resolution #5: Respond Faster To Emails And Other Messages

It sounds simple but it’s definitely not easy. We all know that sometimes life gets in the way of fast responses, but they are important. If a future client walked into your club, you would not ignore them for a day, two days or even weeks and months. You would talk to them immediately, making sure they feel welcome.

So here’s the deal with Emails, Facebook and LinkedIn messages, voicemails and business reviews: if you don’t respond fast, potential clients will lose interest.

That’s why it’s a great idea, to commit to taking some time in the morning, and some time in the afternoon to check all your messages and immediately respond to them. This will not only impact your business in a positive way, but also ease your mind, because we all know there’s nothing worse than having to sit down and respond to 100+ mails.


If you keep in mind these resolutions, then 2018 will be the year in which you profit from your online presence in new ways and thereby increase member retention among other things.


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